The current results of our recent Survey

We have currently gathered data from 28 respondents from our survey.

We are going to show the choices that has the majority of our respondents’ favor.


On our first question, the majority (67.9%) of the respondents has found Solar Energy to be the most efficient Energy source among the other three options.

2.jpgOn our Second question, at most 10 of 28 (35.7%) of our respondents has rated “3”, on their answers to our question of how high is the pollution level on the respondent’s area.

3.jpgOn our third question, we asked the respondents for their opinion, if they perceive Renewable energy as a proper successor to Non-renewable Energy Sources in the near future.

At most 22 out 28 (78.6%) said yes

4.jpgOn our fourth question, we asked the respondents if they think the Government of the Philippines is making proper steps on replacing Non-renewable energy sources with the Renewable energy source alternative.

The majority of the results of the given choices are in balance, 14 out of 28 (50%) has selected “ofcourse, without a doubt” and 14 out of 28 (50%) has selected “No”.

5.jpgOn our fifth and last question, we asked the respondents if should all the nations across the globe adopt Renewable Energy Sources as their standard energy Source.

At most 26 out of 28 (92.9%) said Yes


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